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T29 on malinovka.
Name: T29 - 7 KIA; 3084exp
Tank: T29
Xp: 3084
Credits: 81999
Replay: Download

Name: T-34
Tank: T-34
Xp: 2113
Credits: 0

Name: T-43
Tank: T-43
Xp: 2304
Credits: 0

Name: AMX-13-75
Tank: AMX 13 75
Xp: 1780
Credits: 0

Name: T32 2908xp
Tank: T32
Xp: 2908
Credits: 0

Name: T-34-85 2361xp
Tank: T-34-85
Xp: 2361
Credits: 0

Name: M18 1962xp
Tank: M18 Hellcat
Xp: 1962
Credits: 0

2 Kills, with 4 awards.
Name: T21 2037xp
Tank: T21
Xp: 2037
Credits: 53970
Replay: Download

M3 Stuart with 1506 experience
Name: M3 Stuart
Tank: M3 Stuart
Xp: 1506
Credits: 0

Playing as BT-7 at the top of the tier. 100% base defense and 9 destroyed.
Name: BT-7 - 9 Frags
Tank: BT-7
Xp: 1743
Credits: 27222
Replay: Download