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Ace Tanker
Name: v39 aessae
Tank: ARL V39
Xp: 1491
Credits: 38418
Replay: Download

Another lame ace tanker.
Name: helppoa_on
Tank: Type 2597 Chi-Ha
Xp: 1177
Credits: 21606
Replay: Download

Lame ace tanker. Some terrible play after a long hiatus.
Name: lameassace
Tank: Vickers Mk. E Type B
Xp: 883
Credits: 11469
Replay: Download

Losses galore
Name: cromwell pettymys
Tank: Cromwell
Xp: 1138
Credits: 32722
Replay: Download

Ace Tanker
Name: Kirkkomäki 1 ässä
Tank: Churchill I
Xp: 1615
Credits: 35739
Replay: Download

One can only carry so much.
Name: valentine vitutus
Tank: Valentine Mk. III
Xp: 1032
Credits: 29365
Replay: Download

Ace tanker
Name: Valentine ässä
Tank: Valentine Mk. III
Xp: 1333
Credits: 25816
Replay: Download

Oldies but goldies
Name: SU-85 enkat
Tank: SU-85
Xp: 1642
Credits: 39783

old shit 7.1
Name: SU-100 enkat
Tank: SU-100
Xp: 1927
Credits: 48600
Replay: Download

More old shit
Name: IS enkat
Tank: IS
Xp: 2085
Credits: 57540

My quite old T25 AT record game
Name: T25 AT
Tank: T25 AT
Xp: 1900
Credits: 61204

Easy mode
Name: trollwagon
Tank: VK 28.01
Xp: 2763
Credits: 41479
Replay: Download

Derping around for the ace tanker
Name: VK 2801 ässä
Tank: VK 28.01
Xp: 2250
Credits: 34879
Replay: Download

In my opinion a poor game with lots of poor shooting and decision making rewarded with an ace tanker.
Name: M7 ässä
Tank: M7 MT
Xp: 1452
Credits: 31281
Replay: Download

41 shots 41 hits, but no sniper due to a lovely team mate driving into my shot
Name: T-127 hanskaus
Tank: T-127
Xp: 1909
Credits: 27714
Replay: Download

Ace Tanker
Name: T29 ässä
Tank: T29
Xp: 2023
Credits: 48096
Replay: Download

dem Ace Tankers man. Nothing too spectacular.
Name: T34 ässä
Tank: T34
Xp: 1935
Credits: 123738
Replay: Download

Ace Tanker result
Name: T-127 ässä
Tank: T-127
Xp: 1641
Credits: 23481
Replay: Download

Ace tanker result
Name: BS ässäys
Tank: RenaultBS
Xp: 840
Credits: 16242
Replay: Download

Victory!  Map: Malinovka 28. lokakuuta 2012 20:54:40
Vehicle:: M46 Patton
Exp: : 4 100 (x2) Credits: : 76 177
Achievements: : Confederate, Mastery Badge:
Name: Pattoni ässäys
Tank: M46 Patton
Xp: 2050
Credits: 76177
Replay: Download

Ace Tanker result. Seems not very much is required.
Name: Porhe ässä
Tank: VK 30.01 (P)
Xp: 1662
Credits: 41388
Replay: Download

More old shit
Name: persinki
Tank: M26 Pershing
Xp: 2074
Credits: 65416

Ace tanker result
Name: T-15
Tank: T-15
Xp: 1470
Credits: 28938

A decent 10 kill game (nonpremium)
Name: 35t
Tank: PzKpfw 35 (t)
Xp: 1121
Credits: 10995

A pretty old 9 kill game
Name: 38t
Tank: PzKpfw 38 (t)
Xp: 1362
Credits: 14902

A top gun loss game with some 10,5cm action.
Name: Vk28 pettymys
Tank: VK 28.01
Xp: 1309
Credits: 28803
Replay: Download

My E8 record game from quite a while back.
Name: E8 record
Tank: M4A3E8 Sherman
Xp: 2229
Credits: 49032

Name: amxing
Tank: AMX 13 75 Tier6
Xp: 2010
Credits: 34971
Replay: Download

Top tier IS-3 cruisin'
Tank: IS-3
Xp: 2127
Credits: 65106
Replay: Download

Just your usual Campania campfest.
Name: Camp-ania
Tank: IS-3
Xp: 2017
Credits: 65236
Replay: Download

Confederate, 10200(x5)exp
Name: Thyygre
Tank: PzKpfw VI Tiger
Xp: 2040
Credits: 54624
Replay: Download

9680exp(x5), Top Gun, Invader
Name: Omistus
Tank: IS-3
Xp: 1936
Credits: 56431
Replay: Download

A nice game some while ago during a double credits weekend.
Name: pantteri_2386xp_karelia
Tank: PzKpfw V Panther
Xp: 2386
Credits: 101092

Tank: KV-3 Tier 6
Xp: 2422
Credits: 57703

Just a lucky round with some magic tracks and poor enemy play.
Tank: IS-3
Xp: 2416
Credits: 64632
Replay: Download