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Name: lucky and great
Tank: T1 Cunningham
Xp: 0
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Name: t54&obj261 last stand.
Tank: T-54
Xp: 2278
Credits: 78319
Replay: Download

Name: bottom of the food chain
Tank: T20
Xp: 2557
Credits: 64614
Replay: Download

Name: t44 scout
Tank: T-44
Xp: 2440
Credits: 69342

Tank: T-54
Xp: 2217
Credits: 84430

Name: rep t54
Tank: T-54
Xp: 2202
Credits: 78651

t44 > KV%
Name: KV-5 UP
Tank: T-44
Xp: 2326
Credits: 66355

Medium rampage
Name: El_Diabloo
Tank: T-44
Xp: 2298
Credits: 58786