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Have no screenshot of it , WoT closed randomly after this match .... 1745 base exp a guy I asked told me (playing non prem atm so ...). That game was a fucking heartbreak though .... Replay file is to big ffs ....
Xp: 2615
Credits: 60000

great hellcat round on  sand river , non prem
1746 exp
Tank: M18 Hellcat
Xp: 2646
Credits: 55974
Replay: Download

Not the best round ,but absolutly ridicolous in the end ...
Tank: Type 59
Xp: 1918
Credits: 144733
Replay: Download

Stronk camping position , got lucky at the end ..... very lucky .
Tank: Centurion Mk. 7/1
Xp: 2334
Credits: 45615
Replay: Download

Tank: M18 Hellcat
Xp: 2242
Credits: 47454

A nice match in my IS on westfield .....
Name: .
Tank: IS
Xp: 2113
Credits: 72235

Ace Tanker on my Centurion 7/1 ....
Tank: Centurion Mk. 7/1
Xp: 2163
Credits: 81521

A not very special round with my object ... but at least my ace tanker , finally.
Tank: Object 704
Xp: 2101
Credits: 33807

Name: Typhoon__
Tank: AT 2
Xp: 2188
Credits: 45642
Replay: Download