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my first Pool's medal
Name: 10 kills with SU 122-44
Tank: SU-122-44
Xp: 1965
Credits: 103459
Replay: Download

Name: Panther galore
Tank: Panther-M10
Xp: 2142
Credits: 80733
Replay: Download

Got Ace Tanker on Cromwell after almost 200 matches on it. About time...
Name: Ace Tanker on Cromwell.
Tank: Cromwell
Xp: 2517
Credits: 52260
Replay: Download

Name: bam bam bi bam
Tank: Caernarvon
Xp: 2080
Credits: 72417
Replay: Download

Name: Caernarvon
Tank: Caernarvon
Xp: 1860
Credits: 57058
Replay: Download

Himmelsdorf, home of Jagdtiger galore ;)
Tank: 8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger
Xp: 1941
Credits: 141382
Replay: Download

finally Ace Tanker. 7085 damage
Name: Object 704 Ace Tanker
Tank: Object 704
Xp: 1798
Credits: 68100
Replay: Download

Ace Tanker on PzV-M10
special thanks to Hank and Batinho.
Name: the indestructibles
Tank: Panther-M10
Xp: 1948
Credits: 75745
Replay: Download

got a bit lucky, it seems, credit gain is doubled, so it's only 50973 really...
Name: Churchill/Malinovka/Top tier
Tank: Churchill I
Xp: 2278
Credits: 101946
Replay: Download

nice match, credits gain is doubled, so really only 43504.
Name: Churchill aced
Tank: Churchill I
Xp: 1807
Credits: 87008
Replay: Download

twas a fun match, would have been nice to survive that...
Name: Patrol Duty on a bloody TD
Tank: T25/2
Xp: 1785
Credits: 37512
Replay: Download

just got recently premium vehicles and am astonished how much money they make;)
Name: Jagdtiger Ace Tanker
Tank: 8.8 cm Pak 43 JagdTiger
Xp: 1789
Credits: 121311
Replay: Download

good enough for Ace.
Name: SU-100 Ace Tanker
Tank: SU-100
Xp: 1935
Credits: 49731
Replay: Download

engaging 2 type59 in KV4 will get you Steel Wall badge, apparently.^^
Name: stock KV4 dancing with 2 Type 59
Tank: KV-4
Xp: 1500
Credits: 41041
Replay: Download

Ace Tanker in JagdpantherII^^
Name: Jagdpanther II galore
Tank: Jagdpanther II
Xp: 2167
Credits: 75532
Replay: Download

twas a fun match in oddball tank KV-13
Tank: KV-13
Xp: 1732
Credits: 37945
Replay: Download

This was my last KV-3 battle forever, never liked you KV-3, not as Tier 6 and neither as Tier 7 but this was a truely great last match.
Name: KV-3, last battle forever
Tank: KV-3
Xp: 2497
Credits: 71337
Replay: Download