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3000 GOLD / 2600XP / 8000 DMG
Name: 3000 GOLD / 2600XP / 8000 DMG
Tank: Centurion Mk. 7/1
Xp: 2607
Credits: 108250
Replay: Download

The reason why I kept saying
Name: E100 - 7.4kdmg/ NO GOLD/ Radley
Xp: 2092
Credits: 99718
Replay: Download

To say that I had some lucky bounces would be an understatement as I should have been dead at least 4 times including a heat shell from the M103 but oh boy what a carry this was with the other 2 guys which I would like to congratulate on a sterling job aswell.

Hope that you like the blind kill of the SU by simply guessing the last position on the minimap .... hacks? ... maybe!
Name: 3 vs The rest
Xp: 2005
Credits: 76060
Replay: Download

Getting the Pool's medal with this tank as top tier its not an achievement to write home about but 10 kills don't come that often anyway whatever the tank.
Name: 2nd Pool's Medal
Xp: 2347
Credits: 66753
Replay: Download

Yes, I used premium in the end to make sure of not bouncing since every shot had to reset ... sue me :P
Name: 222 Defence points
Tank: Centurion Mk. I
Xp: 1944
Credits: 56760
Replay: Download

Not my best Conqueror game but everything just clicked I suppose.

... the premium ammo was a waste, I actually loaded it for the 75 and forgot to switch to normal -_-
Name: 10 Kills Pool's Medal 2293xp
Xp: 2293
Credits: 73663
Replay: Download