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Objeckt 212A go ram
Name: Rither
Tank: 212A
Xp: 537
Credits: 37545
Replay: Download

I hope there will ban
Name: Dumbest player ever 7721guderian
Tank: E-50 Ausf. M
Xp: 0
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Name: Rither
Tank: Pz.Kpfw I Ausf. C
Xp: 1
Credits: 1
Replay: Download

T-50 no scout just kill (4380)
Name: Rither
Tank: T-50
Xp: 2190
Credits: 40848

Just kill no scout
Name: Rither
Tank: 59-16
Xp: 1708
Credits: 35224

new record
Name: Rither
Tank: Churchill III
Xp: 3388
Credits: 65814