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Personal best score with premium code for st. Nicholas day
Name: Begzy
Tank: Churchill I
Xp: 2386
Credits: 97449
Replay: Download

Great match, won by decaping and killing t34-85, and killing kv1s :-)
Name: Begzy
Tank: PzKpfw III/IV
Xp: 2058
Credits: 50067
Replay: Download

Intense match :-)
Name: Begzy
Tank: M3 Stuart
Xp: 1808
Credits: 36777
Replay: Download

I don't have premium, but I think that doesn't matter in this case, it's about highest score possible
Name: Begzy
Tank: A13 Covenanter
Xp: 1839
Credits: 36033
Replay: Download

just made my personal highscore with that one-day premium bonus code (endofwareu). i usually i dont have premium. my old highscore was with panther 2 (1752)
Name: Begzy
Tank: M10 Wolverine
Xp: 2004
Credits: 49509
Replay: Download