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Highest score in FCM 36 Pak 40
Name: FCM 36 Pak 40 highest score
Tank: FCM36 Pak40
Xp: 1875
Credits: 42500

Nice game in IS3, git Ace Mastery Badge, Steel Wall, Sniper and Top Gun, not an amazing game, but a good one for me
Name: IS 3 Ace Mastery Badge
Tank: IS-3
Xp: 2127
Credits: 60742
Replay: Download

Had this vehicle 3 days and Mastery badge, great DPM with top gun, three badges, Master Ace Badge, Steel Wall and Sharpshooter
Name: Mastery Badge 3002M
Tank: VK 30.02 (M)
Xp: 1828
Credits: 42679
Replay: Download

This is the screenshot in my KV4 my mastery badege, top gun and steel wall, and my highest XP yes at 2157
Name: KV4 Mastery Badge
Tank: KV-4
Xp: 2157
Credits: 117393

In a tier 8 heavy game, and a serious carry in a tier 6, very cool Victory!
Battle: Westfield 08 September 2013 21:10:57
Vehicle: VK 36.01 (H)
Experience received: 2,122
Credits received: 70,910
Battle Achievements: Patrol Duty, Confederate, Master Gunner
Name: Nice win in VK36.01H
Tank: VK 3601 (H)
Xp: 2122
Credits: 70910

Nice Game in LTP, Rissoan Light Medium, Ace Mastery Badge and after repairs still 28k profit
Name: LTP Ace Mastery and 5 kills
Tank: LTP
Xp: 1369
Credits: 29350

Radley's Walters, and 4 toher medals in AT15A, a best of a TD at Tier 7, not so good at tier 9, but tier 8 and below a great little TD
Name: 5 Medals in AT15A
Tank: AT-15A
Xp: 1732
Credits: 63825

Nice game in Tortoise with double over 4k Xp, and top gun, and 1st class Mastery Badge, not the highest i know for a tortoise but my highest so happy
Name: Top Gun and 2142 XP in Tortoise
Tank: Tortoise
Xp: 2142
Credits: 72043
Replay: Download

Nice win in AT15A dealing 2.4k damage and some nice spotting as well a great tier 7  TD
Name: AT15A
Tank: AT-15A
Xp: 1627
Credits: 74122

From my service record showing my Highest XP on my T110E4
Name: T110E4 showing 1567 Maximum XP
Tank: T110E4
Xp: 1567
Credits: 0

Screenshot from my service record for my Conqueror showing Maximum kills 9 in 1 game and 2041 XP, i did just over 5k damage in game as well, but forgot to save that screenshot, but from  my service record you can see 9 kills and 2041 Maximum Experience a great tank
Name: Conqueror 9 kill and over 2000 X
Tank: Conqueror
Xp: 2041
Credits: 0

6k Damage in the British Heavy Tank the FV215B, hull down she is very strong, and a lot of people under estimate the FV215B, but do not realise that the FV215B has the highest DPM of any tier 10 Heavy and fires every 7.3 secs, a great tank
Name: FV215B 6k Damage, Do Not Underes
Xp: 3284
Credits: 84948

This is a picture of my E75 receiving 73 hits in a game and over 22350 potential damage, we won the game what a great Heavy tank, i know not a great XP score but i was takeing so many hit could not fire a lot back
Name: E75 22350, Potential Damage rece
Tank: E-75
Xp: 1252
Credits: 42739