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Kind of lucky for me to be able to just sit in a bush with my binoculars on and whack the moles away. Nonetheless, gotta love the gun and super camouflage on this tank.
Name: Acing the Su-122-54
Tank: SU-122-54
Xp: 2646
Credits: 93819
Replay: Download

There was a special bonus during the time, which gave me extra experience. The true base experience received was 1903.
Name: Acing the Dicker Max
Tank: Dicker Max
Xp: 2854
Credits: 120877
Replay: Download

Name: Acing the Churchill GC
Tank: Churchill Gun Carrier
Xp: 1930
Credits: 55303
Replay: Download

There was an event bonus when I played this match, but it was only a credit-bonus for the top gun achievement.
Name: Personal record match w/ 121
Tank: 121
Xp: 2128
Credits: 115347
Replay: Download

Name: FV215b Ace Tanker
Tank: FV215b
Xp: 1773
Credits: 83778
Replay: Download

Name: Personal best FCM 50 t xp score
Tank: FCM 50 t
Xp: 2275
Credits: 122050
Replay: Download