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Kills: 11, Damage Dealt: 5785, 1v7.. and they say randoms are bad?
Name: Calimir
Tank: M26 Pershing
Xp: 2620
Credits: 69342
Replay: Download

Name: Calimir
Tank: M4A3E8 Sherman
Xp: 2395
Credits: 59488

Name: Calimir
Tank: M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
Xp: 1975
Credits: 49993

CW on 6.10.2011. 5 destroyed and 5 damaged, 2 double kills
Name: Calimir
Tank: T92
Xp: 2406
Credits: 0

top gun, wittman\'s medal.
Didn\'t realize till after that it was _that_ good result.
Name: Calimir
Tank: KV-1S
Xp: 1992
Credits: 0