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Tank: AMX AC mle. 46
Xp: 2285
Credits: 40540

Tank: T-34-1
Xp: 2469
Credits: 58522
Replay: Download

Nice amount of XP with the 5x bonus ;)
Tank: T32
Xp: 2782
Credits: 90580
Replay: Download

T32 and T29 fighting against two IS-3's, one T34, two IS's and one T-44 and killing them. But we lost nonetheless...
Name: 2 vs 6
Tank: T32
Xp: 1468
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Ace Tanker on a defeat due to the newly invented
Name: Ace Tanker on defeat
Tank: Indien-Panzer
Xp: 1545
Credits: 42940
Replay: Download

2541 XP, Top Gun, Steel Wall, Sniper, Spartan - almost out of ammo :D
Name: Type 59 - 2541 XP
Tank: Type 59
Xp: 2541
Credits: 135146
Replay: Download

Medals: Radley-Walter's, Warrior, Sniper.

Normally Prohorovka isn't a good map for T44, but this time it was. :)
Name: Caldon
Tank: T-44
Xp: 2469
Credits: 59340
Replay: Download

My best match with M6 so far. 2646 XP with premium (I am not premium at the moment)
Name: Ice
Tank: M6
Xp: 2646
Credits: 60904
Replay: Download

Normally I don't like the Jagdtiger that much, but this time I surely did. Sometimes just made the right decisions, another time it was pure luck (like IS 8 in the end).
(screenshot is with double bonus, no premium account)
Name: Jagdtiger - Ace tanker + Pool's
Tank: Jagdtiger
Xp: 2245
Credits: 85011
Replay: Download