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I guess you don't need much damage when you fight in close distance.
Name: FV215b(183) 2211xp
Tank: FV215b (183)
Xp: 2211
Credits: 84742
Replay: Download

From 1 < 8 to 15 > 10 :)
Name: FV304 Ace Tanker
Tank: FV304
Xp: 2149
Credits: 60876
Replay: Download

This was something like a year ago.
Name: T82 Record
Tank: T82
Xp: 2298
Credits: 40813 There's an 1,3x event bonus on the exp.
Name: Bishop Ace Tanker
Tank: Bishop
Xp: 1614
Credits: 36151
Replay: Download

Worst loss ever, WZ-132 Radley-Walters
Name: Not enough carry
Xp: 0
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

+6k damage, +5k potential received :)
Name: AC Mike 48'
Tank: AMX AC mle. 48
Xp: 2532
Credits: 77872
Replay: Download

10 frags :)
Name: T18 Himmelsdorf
Tank: T18
Xp: 1948
Credits: 23335
Replay: Download

El Halluf
Name: T71
Tank: T71
Xp: 2790
Credits: 92645
Replay: Download

Tier 8 game
Name: Cat from Hell
Tank: M18 Hellcat
Xp: 2676
Credits: 60732
Replay: Download

New record
Name: SU-100
Tank: SU-100
Xp: 2341
Credits: 60715
Replay: Download

Carry on my artillery
Name: 105 AM SPG
Tank: AMX 13 105 AM mle. 47
Xp: 1483
Credits: 36688
Replay: Download

Done during Anniversary and Tank of the Month event, that's why so much credits.
Name: IS-2
Tank: IS-2
Xp: 2470
Credits: 163221
Replay: Download

Sweet Lorraine :)
Name: Ace Tanker 40t
Tank: Lorraine 40 t
Xp: 2374
Credits: 131294
Replay: Download

Name: T54E1 Ace Tanker
Tank: T54E1
Xp: 2368
Credits: 119905
Replay: Download

Schneider cannon
Name: S-35 CA
Tank: S-35 CA
Xp: 2245
Credits: 53448
Replay: Download

Biggest 5x i've ever had
Tank: WZ-131
Xp: 3198
Credits: 82108
Replay: Download