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Assault - Attack in an IS-8.  Came down to literally the last couple seconds.
Name: IS-8 Top Score
Tank: IS-8
Xp: 2502
Credits: 85623
Replay: Download

My top M2 MT experience score
Name: M2 MT top score
Tank: M2 Medium Tank
Xp: 1812
Credits: 0

My top T-34 experience score
Name: T-34 score
Tank: T-34
Xp: 2032
Credits: 0

My top M41 experience score
Name: M41 score
Tank: M41
Xp: 2019
Credits: 0

My top M103 experience score
Name: M103 score
Tank: M103
Xp: 2146
Credits: 0

My top experience score on the M40/43
Name: M40/43 Score
Tank: M40/M43
Xp: 2067
Credits: 0

Made with old KV/107 before KV split and replays.
Name: KV Experience (Old KV)
Tank: KV
Xp: 2566
Credits: 0