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AMX12t 1470exp
Name: Jager_J
Tank: AMX 12t
Xp: 1470
Credits: 49012

Marder 1923exp
Name: Jager_J
Tank: Marder II
Xp: 1923
Credits: 24049

2250exp with M103
Name: Jager_J
Tank: M103
Xp: 2250
Credits: 89584
Replay: Download

11 kills by my clan mate Domokun from Marskin Nyrkki. By request of Domokun I posted this here since he does not have account to PlanetWOT.
Name: Domokun
Tank: Tetrarch
Xp: 2307
Credits: 28863
Replay: Download

Name: Jager_J
Tank: Ferdinand
Xp: 2092
Credits: 59857

A-20 single battle max exp 1417
Tank: A-20
Xp: 1417
Credits: 0