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Epic 50B battle that was won in the last 15 seconds!
Name: No white flag!
Tank: AMX 50B
Xp: 2307
Credits: 92322

Nice absolute battle with T110E5
Name: Lazergun
Tank: T110E5
Xp: 2293
Credits: 115278

Epic AMX 13 90 game... wasted every shot :p
Name: No ammo left :(
Tank: AMX 13 90 Tier7
Xp: 3168
Credits: 60568
Replay: Download

Going around killing stuff is fun
Name: Amx -13 90 fun!
Tank: AMX 13 90 Tier7
Xp: 2968
Credits: 72268

Name: Chaffee game
Tank: M24 Chaffee
Xp: 2977
Credits: 40878

Sigh, bad T32 player ruined it all! :(
Name: Best defeat ever <_<
Tank: IS-4 Tier 9
Xp: 1431
Credits: 84882

Name: IS4 with 100mm
Xp: 0
Credits: 0

3303 xp DOUBLED!!! :D
Name: EPIC KV-battle
Tank: KV
Xp: 3303
Credits: 72291