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God round with the beast. over 9000 dmg and 7 kill.
Name: stalar01
Tank: FV215b (183)
Xp: 1930
Credits: 83998

great game with e3 on abbey
Name: stalar01
Tank: T110E3
Xp: 2044
Credits: 95286

A very good round when being the only arty
Name: stalar01
Tank: T92
Xp: 2313
Credits: 121368

Battle: Redshire 11. april 2013 08:39:00
Vehicle: IS-2
Experience received: 5 994 (x2 for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 90 745
Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Mastery Badge:
Name: stalar01
Xp: 2997
Credits: 90745