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Very lucky round with Renault UE 57, 5 T5 kills, 1.8k damage very nooby KV-1 at the end.
Name: T3 goes lucky
Tank: Renault UE 57
Xp: 2277
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Agree, but sometimes luck just is on your side... ||| Victory!
Battle: Port Monday, August 12, 2013 1:10:47 AM
Vehicle: Object 261
Experience received: 4,185 (x3)
Credits received: 81,852
Battle Achievements: Sniper, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge:
Name: Arty nerf?
Tank: Object 261
Xp: 1395
Credits: 81852
Replay: Download

Had a fun ride  (8.6) with quite new 268 after few very bad battles: Victory!
Battle: Redshire Monday, July 08, 2013 11:00:57 PM
Vehicle: Object 268
Experience received: 4,476 (x2)
Credits received: 121,225
Battle Achievements: Patrol Duty, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge:
Name: Spotting TD
Tank: Object 268
Xp: 2238
Credits: 121225
Replay: Download

8.1 all your damage are belong to us
Name: ISU goes hunting
Tank: ISU-152
Xp: 2259
Credits: 84291
Replay: Download

8.4 Was maybe bit lucky... maybe.
Name: Comet riding the Park
Tank: Comet
Xp: 2449
Credits: 58840
Replay: Download

Good days to grind to T21, which was actually worse than M7 x)
Name: M7 in 8.2
Tank: M7 MT
Xp: 1935
Credits: 47127
Replay: Download

Sadly didn't find replay, no idea about the game.
Name: The best of E-50M
Tank: E-50 Ausf. M
Xp: 2127
Credits: 0

Dishing out some damage in CW
Name: Lucky E-100
Tank: E-100
Xp: 2034
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Not your casual day in KV-3
Name: ThaElf
Tank: KV-3 Tier 6
Xp: 1999
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

A nice run on the JT... and lucky T95 not counting will it be capped or not :)
Name: Damn this slow JT
Tank: Jagdtiger
Xp: 2311
Credits: 91044
Replay: Download