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casual SU-152 game.
221 base defense points and a topgun
Name: thedomi
Tank: SU-152
Xp: 1999
Credits: 87718
Replay: Download

11 kills (wot 8.6)
Name: thedomi
Tank: VK 30.02 (D)
Xp: 2232
Credits: 66216
Replay: Download

You probobly have to do it all yourself.
Name: thedomi
Tank: 105 leFH18B2
Xp: 1506
Credits: 47406
Replay: Download

I have a awsome and super frustrated replay of a game in my KV5 with 6.2k dmg done. 10.4k dmg potential received. AND 1783 xp 157k silver on a loss ;(
Name: thedomi
Tank: KV-5
Xp: 1783
Credits: 157420
Replay: Download

B-O-B plutoon @wot lan. no boost for u haters
Name: thedomi
Tank: Type 59
Xp: 2731
Credits: 164112
Replay: Download

“Just grind my BP and told my platoon @ 3 kills. -well im in a mood for a topgun. (2013-01-15 19:35:45) Victory! Battle: El Halluf den 15 januari 2013 19:22:33 Vehicle: Black Prince Experience received: 4 502 (x2 for the first victory each day) Credits received: 55 917 Battle Achievements: Steel Wall, Top Gun, Mastery Badge:
Name: thedomi
Tank: Black Prince
Xp: 2251
Credits: 55917
Replay: Download