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A static team, but equally inflexible enemies. Makes for a ripe picking...
Name: Covenanter of AWESOME!
Tank: A13 Covenanter
Xp: 2026
Credits: 33910
Replay: Download

The FIRST time i can definitively say this vehicle has won me a game where the team failed!
Name: Ascender
Tank: JagdPz E-100
Xp: 1602
Credits: 86478
Replay: Download

Name: Ascender
Tank: JagdPz E-100
Xp: 1575
Credits: 69145
Replay: Download

9 kill Luchs <3 this little tanky never goes bad!
Name: Ascender
Tank: PzKpfw II Luchs
Xp: 2004
Credits: 29971
Replay: Download

To all IS-8 haters.
Name: Ascender
Tank: IS-8
Xp: 1975
Credits: 77341

Top Gun + Confederate, JP FTW <3
Name: Ascender
Tank: Jagdpanther
Xp: 1738
Credits: 49894