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T25/2 3.391 XP
Name: T25/2 3.391 XP
Tank: T25/2
Xp: 3391
Credits: 84687

Name: AMX 12t
Tank: AMX 12t
Xp: 2058
Credits: 0

Name: Valentine II
Tank: Valentine II
Xp: 1977
Credits: 0

Name: Valentine AT
Tank: Valentine AT
Xp: 1887
Credits: 0

Name: Cruiser MK IV
Tank: Cruiser Mk. IV
Xp: 1510
Credits: 0

Name: Su-26 Bombardier
Tank: SU-26
Xp: 1843
Credits: 0

Name: T-28, Raseiniai (14 kills)
Tank: T-28
Xp: 2218
Credits: 0

I did 1x Raseiniai, 1x Bruno, 2x Burda, 1x Fadin, 1x Oskin and 1x Tarczay with this beast.
Name: T-28, Raseiniai (14 kills)
Xp: 2218
Credits: 0

Name: Vickers Med. Mk.I
Tank: Vickers Medium Mk. I
Xp: 2190
Credits: 0