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OP Tiger in El Halluf
Name: Tiger
Tank: Tiger I
Xp: 2553
Credits: 76
Replay: Download

Normal fight with 122-44 :)
Name: SU-122-44
Tank: SU-122-44
Xp: 2251
Credits: 108

Name: T110E4/ Abbey
Tank: T110E4
Xp: 1882
Credits: 61

S-51* Port ( talking phone all the time ;)
Name: AAKettu
Tank: S-51
Xp: 1944
Credits: 50

T-50-2 ownagee ;)
Name: AAKettu
Tank: T-50-2
Xp: 3036
Credits: 50
Replay: Download

Killing in Malinovka
Name: T110E4
Tank: T110E4
Xp: 1818
Credits: 56275
Replay: Download

Steppes: T30
Tank: T30
Xp: 1909
Credits: 59