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Flanking enemy tanks like a pro.
Name: Acetanker battle+7k damage
Tank: AMX AC mle. 48
Xp: 2688
Credits: 83812
Replay: Download

Allmost 11k damage done in my T110E3, by only sitting 
on one location:P.
That battle brougth me a acetanker badge too.
Name: Cemper nuub carry T110E3
Tank: T110E3
Xp: 1882
Credits: 107
Replay: Download

Stronk tenk performs well(Type 59 in airfield)
Name: Having fun in my Type 59
Xp: 2391
Credits: 143164
Replay: Download

Really nice game with Obj.268.
Name: carrying team to victory
Tank: Object 268
Xp: 2113
Credits: 87990
Replay: Download

i had no chance for killng last two enemies, because i had only about 100hp left and i was running out of ammo too.
so that ruined my day to draw :/
Name: Nice score for a draw in my M103
Tank: M103
Xp: 1404
Credits: 90779
Replay: Download

Enemy E-100:s fired me with gold ammo and ricochets happens.
Name: Epic game with M103
Tank: M103
Xp: 2488
Credits: 88111

My XP record with my Object 268, sadly i have no screenshot from battlestats.
But i did about 10k damage in arctic region.
Name: Object268 record
Xp: 2250
Credits: 0

fun game against bad enemyteam :P
Name: M3Lee troll
Tank: M3 Lee
Xp: 1812
Credits: 41136