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2nd part of the SS
Name: Caracca
Tank: PzKpfw VI Tiger
Xp: 3151
Credits: 93826

bad loss ?:p
Name: Caracca
Tank: PzKpfw VI Tiger
Xp: 3151
Credits: 93286

some s35 domination
Name: Caracca
Tank: PzKpfw S35 739 (f)
Xp: 2269
Credits: 38835

ah well. fun game, shame it was a loss
Name: storng maus steel...
Tank: Maus
Xp: 1305
Credits: 103879

Flaguarator and i where the last 2 alive, ending up killing the last 5 of their team.
Name: carrying the team
Tank: E-75
Xp: 2061
Credits: 79773

Leh arti play.
1shotted 4 tanks. dmged some others, finished 2 off. (t50 and pz 38Na where pointblanc. but failed to penetrate me, pro at dmging my tracks).
Name: Caracca
Tank: 105 leFH18B2
Xp: 1492
Credits: 58722

after having to kill our tk'er i still killed the rest of the team.
Name: Carrying the team
Tank: PzKpfw 38H735 (f)
Xp: 1951
Credits: 19725

only person defending death road.. bounced allot, though they pushed the moment our team started capping theirs.
Name: bounce
Tank: T110E5
Xp: 957
Credits: 0