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uploaded a screenshot from a round with 2659xp using E-75

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2012-02-27 21:41:48


Not bad but i loadet up 2811 xp @ the moment .

2012-04-15 16:01:20

WTF??? 102k Credits? is this the european server or an other? so much xp i never earned with my e-75...

2012-04-16 00:19:35

well did often 100k+ credits on T110 and E50 so.. it's common.

2012-04-16 11:04:07

Lowe can get even 130k Credits with premium. That's why people buy Lowes.

2012-04-16 11:56:05

I am quite certain that electroheadz is surprised that a non premium tank can earn this much. Most people know premium vehicles can earn these amounts allready ;)

2012-04-16 11:57:46

yep...i know that premium tanks like lowe or typ 59 earn so much credits...but i get often only a max. of 60k credits...some of this scores here are very hard to belive 4 me :) 3k and more with m4 sherman or other "little" tanks...

2012-04-17 13:47:26

he did kill 11 tanks

2012-04-18 00:53:05

kills have nothing to do with credits. it's the damage you do, the damage your team do to the targets you spot. so if you're the head of the assault in a lucky rush you get 100k credits often in a T110, IS4, E-50

2012-04-18 19:26:34

Well i have loaded replays here with is4 10 kills and 11 kills both time earned 90k+

2012-04-19 08:18:47

100k - repairs = 50k thsi can be done in avarege successfull game with premium tank :-)

2012-04-20 18:31:47

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