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uploaded a screenshot from a round with 2154xp using PzKpfw V Panther Tier 8

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2012-07-08 17:58:59


das is aber der Panther II ;)

2012-10-29 08:18:02

it says so panter tier 8 , so is P II

2012-10-29 10:38:34

Panther I was tier 8 half an year ago. When E-50 was introduced, Panther got shifted down to tier 7.

2012-10-31 14:22:31

so this score has to be moved to Panter II, because on this screenshot it is already panter II Tier VIII

2012-11-01 08:34:46

I'm pretty sure that tier 8 panther stats got transferred over to panther 2 so I don't really see a reason to question it's correctness.

2012-11-03 16:03:32

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