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Lucky game.
uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 2553xp using E-50

“Lucky game.”

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2012-07-12 14:57:22

“Lucky game.”

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nice, whats up with all the zooming?

2012-07-17 08:53:29

just a habit i guess =)

2012-07-21 21:01:16

gold ammo ;/

2012-07-22 18:31:23

Will never understand why gold ammo in random matches...

2012-07-23 11:13:32

I will never understand people like you, never buying an icecream on a hot summer day in town during holiday just because you have booked "all-inclusive" at your hotel ...

2012-07-23 11:21:48

icecream has nothing to do with bought skill, but everything with summertime ..Summertime isnt Skill so your comparing announcement doesnt make any sense...well until u need licking skill in some contest.

2012-07-23 17:27:13

Whats the problem with gold ammo? Part of the game isnt it?

2012-07-25 18:20:45

Got to pump out all the gold before the patch hits the servers.

2012-07-25 18:34:41

@Nuke : Some tanks have only armor as a good point, with no speed and/or no gun (low tier french tanks, stock armored tanks, E-100 if rumors are true...). With gold ammo, even their armor is useless and they just become xp/money bags for players who don't need to aim for the weak spots.

2012-07-25 19:34:28

I dont understand why everyone is crying about gold ammo. If its in the game, use it. Personally i load gold to tanks that lack in penetration power like the E-100. Yes gold ammo increases your chances to penetrate but it still wont pen any tier 10's strongspots(exept AMX 50B that is one big weakspot). @Milyym: E-100 used correctly can ding any goldround fired at it, exept arty ones ofc.

2012-07-25 20:15:00

@Bluehouse Simple minded guys like u will never understand the Problem with premium consumables in F2TP Games and how they distort the Game. for example Jt with Gold Ammo got 440 max pen .. and will penetrate every strogspot on any t10 unless u got a god damn bad Angle ... with t110 u doesnt even need to aim ..this is just pathetic.

2012-07-26 06:51:33

Buy gold ammo then Dynatekk, those that buy gold pay for noobs like you to play for free, when they use it is up to them so get off the lemming train bandwagon and accept it, or uninstall!!!

2012-07-26 08:45:15

i am a noob because i do not want to pay into imbalanced games??? just to inform you .. i could afford full Gold support in my Tanks if i want to... but if u show those "WoT marketing Experts" that their concept works .. they will put the squeeze on all players and make it more worse for to play for everyone.. like by increasing 0% hits, sightsystem bugs and a bit by bit increased imbalance .. i like WOT ,, and i do not want to show those Guys that their System is working cause i do not want to make the Game more worse. And on the other Hand u cannot discuss the fact away that using premium ammo and consumables gives your tank advanatages over those who dont use it.. and thats my whole point .. premuser just need less skill to accomplish the same results .. and this is something u guys have to accept.

2012-07-26 18:23:13

Gold ammo does not buy you more skill.

2012-07-26 20:42:31

Nice Goldammo xD u can autoaim all with that pen so of course goldammo is skill for sale xD

2012-07-26 22:10:56

@Nuke for sure it does ... so if it does notthing .. there is no reason for using it - well except for the reason players want to give their money to WOT for nothing in return ;)

2012-07-26 22:15:17

@procyon Goldammo HEAT ammunition doesnt loose pen over distance ;)

2012-07-26 22:16:42

but dings easier tham ap or apcr

2012-07-27 09:02:42

Goldammo is doing the same damage as AP with a bit more pen. Ding & Bouncebehavior remain the same... so wouldn't recommend autoaim, but yes, if you wouln't pen frontarmor normally, use Goldammo and you do... if you think you really need to spend Gold for stupid randoms... go on and pay WG's Ferrari car pool!

2012-07-27 11:54:45

220vs270 its small difference ? a lot of tanks u can pen without aiming on weakspots so its good for long range.e50 is good sniper but with gold ammo is just awesome

2012-07-27 13:37:10

Ok I'm a gold noob thnx bye.

2012-07-27 14:44:56

yes you are

2012-07-28 03:02:58

@Nuke: just ignore those retarded and jealousy fools; discussing with idiots is without any sense ... just have a look on "corrado": Who is he, telling you a noob? ... 600 games, rating 900 ... no need to waste another word!

2012-07-28 10:08:24

If people wants to use gold let them. Its their choice. No need to harass people for having alot of money. But im afraid DYNATEKK is right. If more and more use gold wot "owners" see that this is the way to go to earn more money. More 0 dmg hits and more nerfed tanks. We can just hope that this doesnt happen. Because this really worries me. I dont mind people using gold. But remove gold bullets. Let the rest stay. That would suit me better:) A more fair game i think:) But again, this is my opinion::)

2012-07-28 12:23:32

Srry NUKE forgot to write nice game:)

2012-07-28 12:25:06

whoever uses gold in randoms is noob in my eyes...

2012-07-28 14:17:23

I agree with KuZZo, ignore the whine. Great game! I wish I could do something like that with my E-50 ;)

2012-07-28 14:38:30

i bought an t8 premium, but i dont buy gold ammo. gold ammo is for noobs

2012-07-29 01:14:20

I have a t8 premium, and surplies of gold, but I don't buy Gold ammo or consumables. I only use my gold to buy a premium tank I want, to buy my premium and to have enough slots.

2012-07-29 01:45:09

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