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Lets call it premium, although it wasn't? ;)
uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 2101xp using T1 Cunningham

“Lets call it premium, although it wasn't? ;)”

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2012-12-14 00:31:17

“Lets call it premium, although it wasn't? ;)”

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I admit it wasnt premium score....but it was just too nice to post for 1400 xp

2012-12-14 00:32:20

It's also a x2 so it doesn't count, 1400xp in a tier 1 is good, but it's not 2101.

2012-12-14 10:13:21

2802/2*1,5 =2101 (he asked to handle it like prem account). Is there a general rule for this? In my opinion its ok the way he did. But only if the screen proofs that someone has no prem account! This page should be about highscores and not about payment/prem. So is there a rule? And if not can we vote for one? Greetz

2012-12-14 11:12:02

This screen shows the score with premium, so in my opinion it's a valid submission.

2012-12-14 12:46:14

Thanks :) This game was exeptional in its amount of bad players on both teams. ;) A daily game of Tier 1 noobshooting is fun. A good morale boost. The only time I was a little annoyed was the one time I met the 3-man platoon that together had around 3k matches in their tier 1 tanks. First I thought wtf! Then I started laughing. :) (My team lost)

2012-12-14 14:51:06

Agreeing with BangBummBang and Juha686, this shows how much tanker would get for that premium score, making it valid as you can distinguish the score. Nice game... small tiers are always fun stuff. :P

2012-12-14 15:04:05

Another Malinovka map great score. :)

2012-12-15 07:20:50

I dont see any reason why not to use the premium score now that it clearly states what you would have gotten with premium. Btw, wth you dont get a single shot at you :)

2012-12-16 12:12:33

they didnt see me!? ;)

2012-12-17 16:21:59

Haha You beat me to the top spot, I just got my 2044xp battle in Cunningham so I hurried to post it on PlanetWot because I remembered the best one was 2040... Then I saw you result and just thought "doooh!". Conrats anyway :)

2012-12-18 01:24:28

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