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Details on Image/Replay

uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 2482xp using PzKpfw VIB Tiger II


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2012-12-21 13:27:17


Download a replay



2012-12-21 17:22:43

My daily stats has a tier average of 40.7. Something is wrong with damage calculation. huh?? Please check yours..

2012-12-21 18:16:54

Churchill III is the problem i quess

2012-12-21 20:44:23

to: Eazee_Company Problem posted to Jarkko and hopefully fix soon. Had Average tier over 63 something so my efficiency for that day was null (real efficiency was around 2600 ;))

2012-12-21 21:55:19

same problem Stats for date 2012-12-15 avrg tier >21

2012-12-22 16:11:28

Average tier oddities are caused by WG renaming tanks, and when we fix them to our database, average tier is broken for the day. This is normal, don't worry.

2012-12-22 19:29:19

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