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Ace tanker without premium 8 kills x3 event
uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 1395xp using SU-76

“Ace tanker without premium 8 kills x3 event”

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2012-12-30 20:57:41

“Ace tanker without premium 8 kills x3 event”

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congrats, but wrong score! max score you can submit: 4185(prem score)/3(first win)=1395

2012-12-31 00:37:46

if its played with standard account, the score will stay as standard, u dont buff it up what it could have been with premium...

2012-12-31 13:33:04

930xp is the true score.

2013-01-01 14:08:24

The screenshot handily shows the xp with premium, so why not allow it to be submitted? Score modified.

2013-01-01 18:04:41

you are right juha - that is why i calculated his score for prem. This page is about highsores, not about payment. Dont be jealous ;-)

2013-01-01 20:08:14

So..if i suddenly "remember", that i wasn't use premium account earlier, i can modify my own scores better? Because what it says in games "service record", doesn't matter.

2013-01-01 21:51:48

Of course not. But if the screen proves your score is without, there is no reason not to let it count

2013-01-01 22:11:51

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