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B-O-B plutoon @wot lan. no boost for u haters
uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 2731xp using Type 59

“B-O-B plutoon @wot lan. no boost for u haters”

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2013-02-09 15:44:37

“B-O-B plutoon @wot lan. no boost for u haters”

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Just like any other day.

2013-02-09 19:06:09

I'm just wondering why does that guy have bia only on 2 crew members..

2013-02-10 21:00:50

bet, the 2 crewmember which skill it have no skills 4 him which were it worth payin 200g 4 reskill, what happend 2 the others, when thy reached 100%..effective in my eyes if thats the reason

2013-02-11 14:23:27

But you could just leave them on camo or even firefighting, because that's useful all the time, and then 90% retrain for credits when they all have enough for BiA.. I sort of understand leaving perks there when they'll be effective at 100%, but he has at least ANOTHER 100% before that's useful!

2013-02-12 11:32:46

impressive damage man! gg

2013-02-12 12:26:39

@McSam loosin 10% for an useless skill?! type59 dont need camo and no tank needs firefighting

2013-02-12 14:52:30

You seem to be forgetting that right now, he has NO skill at all, he's wasting the ability and I would much rather have SOMETHING in play.. It's going to be a long, long time until he has BiA working, so that's a long, long time to have the benefit of something else like camo. Sure it might not need it, but it's infinitely better than nothing..

2013-02-12 15:27:02

Hi. to explain my plan for u.. this is my crew i will have on my china tank 121. and i will use gold to retrain skills on that tank. but to that point i just use credits to get away as cheaply as possible. and prob. when its 50% on skill retraining..

2013-02-13 12:43:30

"type 59 dont need camo" lol, you sir have alot to learn about WoT

2013-02-13 17:44:12

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