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uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 3837xp using M24 Chaffee

“HIGH SCORE!! 3837XP!!!!”

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2013-04-04 02:31:06

“HIGH SCORE!! 3837XP!!!!”

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Its a nice score but it aint you that playing.

2013-04-04 18:15:54

indeed akibernos has 0 games played

2013-04-05 01:15:53

lol, u can see his nickname on that fucking screenshot.

2013-04-05 10:06:59

Remind me again why we don't have a report button for crap like this, and all the doubled/tripled/quintupled scores?

2013-04-05 11:53:32

What crap? akibernitos is his pwot username, and akive is his username ingame. Going to his profile and user stats reveals ingame name, so it indeed is him playing.

2013-04-05 13:10:13

ty Juha.. before say something better looking for a bit... it's not bad..

2013-04-06 00:44:45


2013-04-06 04:57:34

And why wouldn't you use your WOT username on here? The only reason is that it's taken by someone who actually owns that WOT account, no? It's a great game but if it's really you, I can't see why you would upload it under a different username.

2013-04-06 15:57:06

when will we be able to see clan stats on here again?

2013-04-06 16:53:51

McSam - when i was registerd i think username will be only for login, and after choose my nickname... friendlyfi i am not in a clan btw.

2013-04-06 21:27:21

i just upload my records if anyone want to see..

2013-04-06 21:31:49

very nice

2013-04-16 12:52:06

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