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2974xp x5, WoT v8.4
uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 2974xp using IS-3

“IS-3 2974xp x5, WoT v8.4”

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2013-04-12 21:03:32

“IS-3 2974xp x5, WoT v8.4”

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That AMX deserved the steel wall. jk, nice driving.

2013-04-13 06:27:15

Nice battle mate

2013-04-13 09:44:43

Super battle. GG

2013-04-13 10:02:46

If you listen carefully, you can still hear my long low whistle....well played.

2013-04-13 11:12:15

Awesome, congratulations :)

2013-04-13 18:20:39

That is awesome!! gj!

2013-04-13 19:17:22

Nice job, btw your score isnt registerd. You havent choosen a tank or it bugged most likely.

2013-04-14 15:37:06

It's fixed now. Thanks all.

2013-04-14 19:09:43

very impressive :) gj man

2013-04-14 21:09:33

brilliant play under pressure, I bet your heart sank when half your team flopped within the first two mins.

2013-04-14 23:54:32

What worried me was the low ammo count with 4 tanks left after that I had booted out the arty who was my biggest threat. I had a decent amount of HP to grab home the round, that I knew, if I could pick them off over there in the mid or at least try get them to come single handed against me. Tiger driver did a great job btw at slowing them down. That scouts constant detracking was really where I saw "the end" sign but after a miniscule of time I finally had enough of that puny tank. Since the T34 didn't come for it, for a free kill. He was too scared. I thought I'd die at the start while fighting that IS-3 tbh. That AMX corpse saved my day however. But yeah, a tiny gutted feeling when the AMX died for a stupid reason.

2013-04-15 02:42:14

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