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uploaded a screenshot from a round with 2448xp using Type 58

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2013-05-27 09:36:44


Nice score .. and lovely medals, but your 'real' score is 1632 .. but again .. still impressive ;)

2013-05-27 13:03:50

sweet sweet medals.

2013-05-27 13:09:19

What real score? This is a real score, all scores should be submitted with premium

2013-05-27 14:24:05

And if I am on standard account, I need to multiply score with 1.5?

2013-05-27 16:29:12

Correct, my young padawan.

2013-05-27 17:21:33

Just read correct score from screen, no need to multiply anything.

2013-05-27 19:22:40

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