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9kills ~5k damage with hellcat
uploaded a screenshot from a round with 3154xp using M18 Hellcat

“9kills ~5k damage with hellcat”

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2013-06-25 18:23:08

“9kills ~5k damage with hellcat”


Thanks for my last opponent (kukys333) for his congratulation! It was a great but also a lucky battle.

2013-06-25 18:25:03

why do you post a daily with x2 or x3 xp here? you profile says your max xp was 2142!

2013-06-25 21:09:32

He has bonus XP from a special and the x2, so this is much less than 6308xp. Invalid score.

2013-06-25 21:22:15

2013-06-26 02:25:36

"Images/Replays" are broken...

2013-06-26 23:57:10

Is fixed

2013-06-27 00:31:46

What do you mean, what kind of bonus xp (for which medal?)? It is only the premium multiplier, isn't it?

2013-06-27 07:45:41

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