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8 kill
uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 2523xp using T26E4 SuperPershing

“8 kill ”

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2013-07-23 21:59:26

“8 kill ”

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U r my hero.

2013-07-23 22:27:02

how do you shout "Siemka!" in turkish? Idiots never die ...

2013-07-24 00:56:48

Ă–calan, maybe?

2013-07-24 01:43:51

2013-07-24 07:38:17

This is a X2 sort it out - correct score is 2523!

2013-07-24 10:37:06

Correct XP is 1682 (without daily bonus & premium account). Despite that, 8 kills is prefect.

2013-07-24 11:37:37

how many times does it have to be said that the scores are put here WITH premium account bonus. Daily doubles and event bonuses are removed.

2013-07-24 14:15:22

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