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uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 2517xp using T95


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2013-07-30 11:47:57


Download a replay


I think you should honestly understand that the non-premium XP value is what counts. 1678 xp victory... it's a nice battle, but I could easily top that off with 1866 when I actually lost.

2013-11-21 00:48:17

new kurwa is born, goes by the name of ZIOM5000

2013-11-21 15:18:26

EDITED* some offensive text in polish

2013-11-21 20:22:50

He apparently has a brother, well look at that, I didn't know dogshit could procreate...

2013-11-21 21:24:27

i just told him that he got pain in the ass because somebody is using premium account !!!

2013-11-21 22:17:18

ZIOM5000 should learn the site rules regarding submissions or get the fuck outta here. All submissions should be posted as they were played on premium account and without any other bonuses.

2013-11-22 00:35:38

What is rakee doing with that crew? What a waste. He should drop the skills and assign repair as third skill so he could actually use the BIA. You'll need over 600k xp to get that BIA working.

2013-11-23 06:11:54

Maybe he does not want to use gold to it... maybe he ain't in a hurry. Possibilities are many. He has the main skills needed, BIA is only something one uses or not, it makes life that 5% easier in all areas, but that drop in 25% repairs is worth many seconds. Style of play. I bet not wanting to use gold. He chose the first skills and second skills and then took the third 'It will be finished someday' in mind.

2013-11-24 12:23:13

ThaElf knows what's up. If there's one thing T95 drivers knows better than anyone else it's gotta be patience.

2013-11-24 16:31:47

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