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Without premium bones, xp is 2226
uploaded a screenshot from a round with 1113xp using T14

“Without premium bones, xp is 2226”

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2013-08-18 19:41:10

“Without premium bones, xp is 2226”


it is not 3k xp, as it is the triple people post a triple when they get 1k xp woo hoo

2013-08-19 00:48:48


2013-08-19 15:01:28

can you teach me how to become a better player?

2013-08-19 16:45:49

Score of 1113, thank you... Next time think before hitting that post button. :/

2013-08-19 23:53:04

Fix this!

2014-03-22 15:18:11

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