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Ferdinand 3597 exp, 8.8, 9547 dmg without gold use.
uploaded a screenshot and a replay from a round with 3597xp using Ferdinand

“Ferdinand 3597 exp, 8.8, 9547 dmg without gold use.”

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2013-10-04 17:43:39

“Ferdinand 3597 exp, 8.8, 9547 dmg without gold use.”

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I smell hard carry and even harder enemy incompetence here. GZ!

2013-10-09 00:59:49


2013-10-09 10:16:24

too bad the replay was from your platoonmates point of view. Good job anyway, those enemies were pitiful.

2013-10-09 12:13:19

btw how much did you do damage in that game?

2013-10-09 12:19:35

Such beautiful teamwork with your mate in JPII.

2013-10-09 15:19:07

greedy 59, wp

2013-10-10 11:32:10

moule, coz of prem.ammo spam. That's why you got the toonm8's replay :-/

2013-10-11 11:31:51

no prem ammo is required by ferdi in a tier 8, hell you don't even need it against tier 9s.

2013-10-11 13:38:26

As an JPII driver, I can confirm that fact. Heck, even most t10s fear our guns.

2013-10-11 17:38:52

Thx guys. Sorry for the replay, unfortunately thats all I have :(.. some funny screens :)

2013-10-13 15:00:01

that-truly-is-impressive. 9500 dmg with t8 tank is something you dont see everyday!

2013-10-14 15:46:16

Only real guru do that without gold ammo. Congratulations!

2013-10-15 14:19:52


2013-10-16 00:34:50

2nd place in JINX contest, 30 day of prem and 5k gold... yum yum :)

2013-10-29 10:41:17


2013-10-29 13:00:01

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