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Tank: E 100
Xp: 2106
Credits: 124504

Pretty ok.
Tank: M48A1 Patton
Xp: 2229
Credits: 109080

Decent game.
Tank: E-50 Ausf.M
Xp: 2140
Credits: 107211
Replay: Download

Driving highway. Sorry about my zooming habits :) 8k damage.
Tank: M48A1
Xp: 1975
Credits: 97296
Replay: Download

Lucky game.
Name: E50 drive
Tank: E-50
Xp: 2553
Credits: 92751
Replay: Download

Name: PanzerNuke
Tank: T110E5
Xp: 2202
Credits: 117639

Provincessa huristelua.
Tank: T110E5
Xp: 2037
Credits: 103789