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base-xp: 1980, damage 3438, spotting-damage: 3455, spotted: 12, killed: 7
Name: 8.8 T71 2970xp
Tank: T71
Xp: 2970
Credits: 72496
Replay: Download

Dicker Max, 4 kills, 3,5k Damage , 4,1k spottingdamage
Name: 8.8 Dicker Max 2790xp
Tank: Dicker Max
Xp: 2790
Credits: 123718
Replay: Download

2491xp, 5,7k damage, 4k spotting damage
Name: 8.7 E-75 2491xp Master
Tank: E-75
Xp: 2491
Credits: 98956
Replay: Download

4,5k damage, 2,6k spotting damage, 5 kills, 56k credits earned
Name: 8.7 Indienpanzer 2653 xp
Tank: Indien-Panzer
Xp: 2653
Credits: 68751
Replay: Download

5,7k damage, Top-Gun, Radley-Walters, +30% credits (Event)
Name: 8.6 Indienpanzer 2628xp
Tank: Indien-Panzer
Xp: 2628
Credits: 113268
Replay: Download

6,1k Damage, Steelwall, Scout
(reupload now with correct screenshot)
Name: 8.6 Indienpanzer 2566xp
Tank: Indien-Panzer
Xp: 2566
Credits: 72585
Replay: Download

Name: 8.5 Type 58
Tank: Type 58
Xp: 2475
Credits: 43072
Replay: Download

5,2k damage but derp-moment at the end
Name: 8.6 T71 5,2k Damage
Tank: T71
Xp: 2758
Credits: 70876
Replay: Download