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Name: Purdo
Tank: T-34-1
Xp: 2694
Credits: 67687

Basic ISU round.
Name: Purdo
Tank: ISU-152
Xp: 2737
Credits: 84732

Nice round with JT.
Name: Purdo
Tank: Jagdtiger
Xp: 2409
Credits: 88906

Ace tanker for T69. Thats why I love Komarin.
Name: Purdo
Tank: T69
Xp: 2584
Credits: 69366

Decent battle with M48 patton. Epic last 4minutes.
Name: Purdo
Tank: M48A1 Patton
Xp: 1936
Credits: 84352
Replay: Download

Typical round for Chaffee, and team witam.
Name: Purdo
Tank: M24 Chaffee
Xp: 1825
Credits: 45994

Run out of shells in the end ;(
Name: Purdo
Tank: Comet
Xp: 2545
Credits: 61996

Decent round with Comet
Name: Purdo
Tank: Comet
Xp: 2163
Credits: 45781

Love derping as a top tank.
Name: Purdo
Tank: M4 Sherman
Xp: 2154
Credits: 45822