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Map: Winter Himmelsdorf 14.3.2014 21:07:03 
Vehicle: Leopard Prototyp A 
Exp: 4 978 (x2 for the first victory each day)  Credits: 82 818 (compensation for damage caused by allies: 226)
Battle achievements: Confederate, High Caliber, Mastery Badge:
Name: Crappard failtype A's blaze of g
Tank: Leopard prototyp A
Xp: 2263
Credits: 82592
Replay: Download


Map: Ensk 25.2.2014 23:21:42 
Vehicle: AT 7 
Exp: 2 662  Credits: 75 441
Battle achievements: Confederate, High Caliber, Mastery Badge:
Name: AT 7 stronk tenk
Tank: AT 7
Xp: 2662
Credits: 75441
Replay: Download

No ammo? No problem b/c of bots!
Name: Epic Matilda BP run
Tank: Matilda Black Prince
Xp: 2185
Credits: 68707
Replay: Download

A noob in our platoon left Assault mode on. I decided to do top damage and top spots of my team.

Battle: Erlenberg 12.1.2014 17:49:47
Vehicle: Type 64
Experience received: 2 703
Credits received: 126 582
Battle achievements: Defender, Patrol Duty
Name: Type 64 The Defender
Tank: Type 64
Xp: 2703
Credits: 126582
Replay: Download

I got a
Name: RB WT standoff
Tank: Rhm.-Borsig. Waffenträger
Xp: 2505
Credits: 79030
Replay: Download

Inflicting several fires during the game certainly helps getting damage done. (3727 total)

Battle: Tundra 9.1.2014 18:29:53
Vehicle: Type 64
Experience received: 4 748 (x2 for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 93 277
Battle achievements: Confederate
Name: Type 64 stronk skaut
Tank: Type 64
Xp: 2374
Credits: 93277
Replay: Download

Kompat Kart very shitty tenk.
Name: Kompat Kart not stronk tenk
Tank: T7 Combat Car
Xp: 1039
Credits: 16059
Replay: Download

I encountered a Russian roaming supertester with unreleased T-44-122 and decided to do away with him.
Name: Killing a russian kurwa with unr
Tank: FV304
Xp: 1000
Credits: 32607
Replay: Download

Skider Skeder
Name: Skider Skeder
Tank: Pz.Sfl V
Xp: 2217
Credits: 58882
Replay: Download

My team is noob.
Name: When 9 kills doesn't cut it
Tank: M36 Jackson
Xp: 2460
Credits: 63090
Replay: Download

When in doubt, carry.
Name: Slugger Slugfest
Tank: M36 Jackson
Xp: 2113
Credits: 49899
Replay: Download

Our supposedly better team totally dropped the ball at Himmelsdorf encounter. Then we had to carry.
Name: B.Y.
Tank: SU-101
Xp: 2208
Credits: 66645
Replay: Download

This game was a bit too close for comfort, both for HP and time.

Battle: Murovanka 16.10.2013 20:45:50
Vehicle: FCM 50 t
Experience received: 4 268 (x2 for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 117 538
Battle Achievements: Top Gun
Name: Lucky carry with FCM 50t
Tank: FCM 50 t
Xp: 2134
Credits: 117538
Replay: Download

Battle: Province 12.10.2013 22:05:36
Vehicle: T-127
Experience received: 4 064 (x2 for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 36 930
Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Cool-Headed
Name: SIEMAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tank: T-127
Xp: 2032
Credits: 36930
Replay: Download

Kurwas left me slightly too much space to work with
Name: Dying to eat shit...
Tank: M60
Xp: 2085
Credits: 85066
Replay: Download

Fock do very stronk damake
Name: Fock stronk damake
Tank: AMX 50 Foch
Xp: 2032
Credits: 82042
Replay: Download

A lot of camping and a lucky end for a battle only six seconds before time running out. Almost entire ammo inventory was expended while hurting kurwas.
Name: T-54 epic battle
Tank: T-54
Xp: 2160
Credits: 90573
Replay: Download

If you fuck with EFE, for instance by not defending the base with KV-1 against light tanks, you face summary execution. No questions asked.
Name: Showing no mercy
Tank: Churchill III
Xp: 1272
Credits: 57531
Replay: Download

Kurwas will fall before the might of the Pz B2!
Name: B2 slayfest
Tank: PzKpfw B2 740(f)
Xp: 2203
Credits: 51918
Replay: Download

I can club sealz.
Name: OP B2
Tank: PzKpfw B2 740(f)
Xp: 2013
Credits: 51553
Replay: Download

Kurwanigga shooting range
Name: Siema-TD
Tank: SU-100M1
Xp: 2242
Credits: 54832
Replay: Download

Enemy team shows how to
Name: No cap kill all!!11!1!
Tank: T57 Heavy Tank
Xp: 1983
Credits: 94815
Replay: Download

No Top Gun cos enemy kurwaniga stole moah fragz...
Name: Kurwa
Tank: SU-122-44
Xp: 2259
Credits: 108555
Replay: Download

Pool's medal for lasthitting hapless kurwas. Both teams were more or less crap.
Name: I can haz Pool's medal
Tank: M18 Hellcat
Xp: 1951
Credits: 40624
Replay: Download

This game was just too close for comfort.
Name: When kurwas fail, carry.
Tank: FCM 50 t
Xp: 2334
Credits: 124213
Replay: Download

121 carry with platoon
Name: 121 carry with platoon
Tank: 121
Xp: 1842
Credits: 84483
Replay: Download

Tank: Dicker Max
Xp: 2194
Credits: 86251
Replay: Download

My first Bombardier <3 Too bad I fell a bit short of Top Gun...
Name: ARTA
Tank: M40/M43
Xp: 1848
Credits: 46629
Replay: Download

Some kurwas got slaughtered
Name: "Super Raili"
Tank: T-80
Xp: 1609
Credits: 32451
Replay: Download

Had a small run between CW matches with KV-2.
Name: DERP!
Tank: KV-2
Xp: 3381
Credits: 85948
Replay: Download

2 year celebration of WoT with unprecedented amount of siemakurwa action - barely won that game after a hiding contest to the cap!
Name: SU-8 Raider
Tank: SU-8
Xp: 1896
Credits: 64165
Replay: Download

A few unlucky lasthits less by kurwamen and that would've been Raseiniai.
Name: Loltraktor ownage
Tank: Leichtetraktor
Xp: 2140
Credits: 27120
Replay: Download

The XP might not be that high but getting 4 critical tier 10 kills with WZ-132 and turning a desperate situation to a cap win 10 secs before running out of time is always epic.
Name: WZ-132 rickrolling
Tank: WZ-132
Xp: 1944
Credits: 41026
Replay: Download

4886 dmg and nine kills is sometimes barely enough.
Name: Personal Type 59 record with car
Tank: Type 59
Xp: 2491
Credits: 140710
Replay: Download

It's ridiculously easy to score high with WZ-131 when your enemies suck.
Name: Polaks don't care
Tank: WZ-131
Xp: 2559
Credits: 81502
Replay: Download

Finally my huge rapegrind for a Pool's Medal came to its eventual end at 7.15 AM in Sunday morning after consuming a shitload of alcohol beverages and killing at least as many siemkas!
Name: My first Pool's Medal
Tank: M4 Sherman
Xp: 2701
Credits: 60511
Replay: Download

This thing is really nasty when it doesn't gather too much enemy attention.
Name: WZ-131 - The HEAT is on!
Tank: WZ-131
Xp: 2455
Credits: 69969
Replay: Download

Everybody wanted to get shot by me...
Name: Type 58@shooting gallery
Tank: Type 58
Xp: 2413
Credits: 52401
Replay: Download

Had a Campinovka tier 10 match with many artis and driving T71 myself. Got a HUGE amount of spot damage and 60+k profit without firing a single shot. And of course, getting killed siemka style...
Name: Probably the most profitable T71
Tank: T71
Xp: 1558
Credits: 70821
Replay: Download

KYRKBÅT kills in the house and the garden.
Name: SE UPP!!! KYRKBÅT!!!
Tank: Churchill III
Xp: 2833
Credits: 55444
Replay: Download

Had a bit longer run with PzIII. I have corrected the XP that is inflated in the screenshot because of the special event and double XP. 5588 is a product of 2044 x2 + 1500 for Top Gun.
Name: PzIII against noobs
Tank: PzKpfw III
Xp: 2044
Credits: 37081
Replay: Download

Name: VK2801 power @ Erlenberg
Tank: VK 28.01
Xp: 3946
Credits: 66337
Replay: Download

Bought back M5 to grind for M7 with 75% crew. First it threw me into tier 4 game. Sorry for no replay - they were disabled. 9 kills total. Gotta love HEAT ammo...
Name: M5 2127 xp
Tank: M5 Stuart
Xp: 2127
Credits: 39148

With some medals and achievements...
Name: Hetzers gonna hetz@Himmelsdorf
Tank: Hetzer
Xp: 1965
Credits: 38829
Replay: Download

Name: 2x 2097xp with Pz38H735 (f) in C
Tank: PzKpfw 38H735 (f)
Xp: 2097
Credits: 17394
Replay: Download

AMX 13 90 owns in Fisherman's Bay
Name: A90 tier 7 goes Benny Hill
Tank: AMX 13 90 Tier7
Xp: 3385
Credits: 73474
Replay: Download