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2223xp Curahousu Resispants inculded (ok???). OK, so Juti shoot fron bottomk tier to tire 7. But cun't terminator all becos no ammo. My think hetz butt and need buff (not Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar)! ). WARNINK: No chetor ammo!
Name: Hetzer'd
Tank: Hetzer
Xp: 2223
Credits: 26845
Replay: Download

Not stronk round put guut score. Juti mis many bullets and no multtimediasniperaction at all.

Njet pluton, onely Han Solo

[Base (not born place) xp=1395]
Name: Juti = duży jut
Tank: Pz.Kpfw I Ausf. C
Xp: 2093
Credits: 22424
Replay: Download

AT 7 very stronk tank and good shooter. Much damage and yes, win. No pluton, Juti = Han Solo.
Name: AT-7 2571xp
Tank: AT 7
Xp: 2571
Credits: 42295

1372*1.5=2058xp = SIEMA nietze round with good shooting and rillattu T29 + SNIPERACTIONBISON

(Credits= -6000 for SNIPER EVENT)
Name: Bison too strong
Tank: Sturmpanzer I Bison
Xp: 2058
Credits: 32536
Replay: Download

Juti rillaa!
SIEMA policy with boring noob action start but very nice burn fire and good result. Grille too strong.
Name: Juti rillaa
Tank: Grille
Xp: 2160
Credits: 57381
Replay: Download

Nice game and damage with frags and good play from SIEMA and shoot hard.
Name: SIEMA powered Luchs
Tank: PzKpfw II Luchs
Xp: 2785
Credits: 73002
Replay: Download