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mm op
Name: mm op
Tank: Leichtetraktor
Xp: 111
Credits: 12222

Name: Pz I C
Tank: Pz.Kpfw I Ausf. C
Xp: 2146
Credits: 34545

Name: t-54
Xp: 0
Credits: 0

Name: 123
Tank: MS-1
Xp: 123
Credits: 12

Name: karev
Tank: PzKpfw B2 740(f)
Xp: 111
Credits: 111

Name: orlik
Tank: T-50-2
Xp: 222
Credits: 22222

nothing special
Name: andi
Tank: M8A1
Xp: 222
Credits: 12222

Name: orlik
Tank: T-50-2
Xp: 1111
Credits: 1111

XP x3 credits x2 premium account
Name: sherman event FTW
Tank: M4 Sherman
Xp: 2611
Credits: 110234

Name: Karev
Tank: PzKpfw IV
Xp: 1015
Credits: 33385

Name: Karev
Xp: 1533
Credits: 37231

Name: Karev
Tank: PzKpfw IV
Xp: 1965
Credits: 85555

KV-2 with 152mm as a top tier - standard account
Name: Trollolololo
Tank: KV-2
Xp: 1760
Credits: 39703

New autocannons are awsome! :D
Name: Karev
Tank: PzKpfw II
Xp: 1852
Credits: 16533