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Battle: Sand River 9. syyskuuta 2012 18:36:05
Vehicle: Lorraine155 50
Experience received: 2 044
Credits received: 68 535
Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Confederate, Hunter
Name: AcmeDamage
Tank: Lorraine155 50
Xp: 2044
Credits: 68535
Replay: Download

2170 x3
Tank: T82
Xp: 2170
Credits: 38235
Replay: Download

Komarin. I was the only artillery in our team. Teammate got 2121exp x2 with Löwe.
Tank: Object 212
Xp: 2142
Credits: 67114

Tank: KV-13
Xp: 1989
Credits: 53386

Name: 1629 x5
Tank: T82
Xp: 1629
Credits: 21417