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On AMX only tracks and second Gun 90 mm F3
Name: AMX M4 45 HS
Tank: AMX M4(1945)
Xp: 3333
Credits: 76483
Replay: Download

Mission - scout the enemy.
Name: So much scouts
Tank: VK 28.01
Xp: 1773
Credits: 23970
Replay: Download

Name: KV-4 Stops
Tank: KV-4
Xp: 0
Credits: 0

8.2v Erlenberg Tier 5 battle TopGun(6) Sniper (33/32)
Name: M4A2E4 hs
Tank: M4A2E4 Sherman
Xp: 2334
Credits: 61284
Replay: Download

Name: RenaultFT hs
Tank: RenaultFT
Xp: 1356
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Just Tiger II was in the open area su-8 saw it and loved.
Name: SU8 loves...
Tank: PzKpfw VIB Tiger II
Xp: 0
Credits: 0

Battle was in province map and my T20 was hit a lot.
Name: Badly hurt T20
Tank: T20
Xp: 0
Credits: 0

Name: SU18 hs
Tank: SU-18
Xp: 663
Credits: 0

Russian server.
Name: M2 med hs ru
Tank: M2 Medium Tank
Xp: 1057
Credits: 0

Name: BT7 hs
Tank: BT-7
Xp: 670
Credits: 0

Name: Sturm2 hs
Tank: Sturmpanzer II
Xp: 726
Credits: 0

Name: Pz38na hs
Tank: PzKpfw 38 nA
Xp: 1123
Credits: 0

Name: T25 AT
Tank: T25 AT
Xp: 1743
Credits: 0