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Battle: Mines
Vehicle: KV-1S
Experience received: 5 366 (x2)
Credits received: 61 708 Steel Wall, Top Gun, Sniper, Spartan
Name: Ewlo
Tank: KV-1S
Xp: 2683
Credits: 61708
Replay: Download

3 vs me in the endgame. :D
Name: Ewlo99
Tank: Lorraine155 51
Xp: 1825
Credits: 65
Replay: Download

Name: Ewlo
Tank: AMX AC Mle.1946
Xp: 1709
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

decent game
Name: Ewlo
Tank: SU-152
Xp: 1900
Credits: 36
Replay: Download

Lets call it premium, although it wasn't? ;)
Name: Ewlo99
Tank: T1 Cunningham
Xp: 2101
Credits: 30
Replay: Download

Wish I had the replay. Kills: Panther II and SU 14. Damage: GW Panther. Rest of xp are from spotting.
Name: Ewlo99
Tank: VK 1602 Leopard
Xp: 1917
Credits: 31322