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Only two things are infinite, the universe, and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former.
Name: T-34-85 rampage
Tank: T-34-85
Xp: 2387
Credits: 49571
Replay: Download

Particularly pleased with this one because I only used four HEAT shells, two of which missed..

The RNG was on my side this time, that's for sure!
Name: PzIV Pool's medal
Tank: PzKpfw IV
Xp: 2498
Credits: 52172
Replay: Download

Awesome.. Get in the right place and nobody bothers to fire at you.
33 hits from 33 shells for 2963 damage, spotted 2118 and four kills. Too much fun!
Name: AMX 13 75 devastation..
Tank: AMX 13 75
Xp: 2400
Credits: 45293
Replay: Download

This was quite hilarious, I have no idea how the enemy didn't see fit to kill me, but I seemed to get away with everything! 

1477 damage, 3 kills and 3 more damaged, including taking down a T-25 on my own. 22 base capture points and 141 spotted damage. £32k profit!

Maybe this thing isn't so bad after all..
Name: 1500-damage M7 rampage
Tank: M7 MT
Xp: 1415
Credits: 35822
Replay: Download

This was fantastic fun.. I went straight up to the enemy hill, and just slowly worked my way up it and through them. Very happy to get 9 kills, new personal best ;)

Great tank.
Name: 9 kills on Province
Tank: BT-2
Xp: 1709
Credits: 20769
Replay: Download

Quite a while ago, this one, so no exact details but I remember it was on Sand River and was brilliant fun. I survived, taking pot-shots at very big tanks and spotting a load of arty damage.

This was NOT premium, so the score for the leaderboards would be 2594 with premium, but I can't prove I wasn't using it so I'll enter it at the scored 1729 :)

Great tank!
Name: ELC AMX - Lots and lots of spott
Xp: 1729
Credits: 0

This was an unusually good game, Top Gun is easy nowadays but nice to get a new record kill score :) killed 9, damaged another, 961 total damage plus 4 detections and 145 spotted damage.

New PB! And 6th place for that tank.

Listed under premium scores.. Because while I don't use premium, that's what everyone else does..
Name: BT-2 - 9 kills plus some more
Tank: BT-2
Xp: 1628
Credits: 12945
Replay: Download