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Was a mistake to bring HEAT rounds... I got lucky, though.
Name: Epic Fadin's Medal
Tank: Sturmpanzer II
Xp: 1558
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Bracing for hatemail...
Name: Dawerick the Great Gold Noob
Tank: T49
Xp: 2026
Credits: 0
Replay: Download

Kolobanov on proper tiers is always funny. This one was my first, tbh.
Name: RW+Kolobanov
Tank: PzKpfw VI Tiger (P)
Xp: 2683
Credits: 60528
Replay: Download

Hmm... Pretty random-ish game... Oh well, xp record is always welcome.
Name: 9 frags
Tank: KV-4
Xp: 2592
Credits: 75195
Replay: Download

Yeah I saw it coming... Knew I should head back to defend the base eventually. I'm glad they decided to fraghunt me instead of just capping and securing victory.
Name: 10 frags with Matilda
Tank: Matilda
Xp: 2298
Credits: 41397
Replay: Download